Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Baby Sewing

My sister-in-law is expecting a baby soon and asked me to do some sewing for her. I couldn't say no to that! Some receiving blankets which were pretty straight forward and a nursing cover which took a bit more effort.

I love this fabric--I'm not sure where it's from (I got it as a gift from a friend) but they're flannel. I also used it here. I managed to squeeze two more washcloths out of this fabric, and that's it. Now, just to find out where this lovely stuff came from so I can go get myself some more.

I basically cut four 21"x 30" rectangles and then coverstitched (I think that's the name of the stitch?) the edges. Pretty simple.

The nursing cover, on the other hand was a little more work. Because I didn't have any large enough pieces, we decided to piece these three together. So, I did some French Seams to make the back look nice and tidy yet. That is my first attempt at French Seams and I'm pretty pleased how it turned out.
I basically took three 28" x 13" pieces and sewed those together. For the strap, I took two pieces--a piece approximately 30" x 3" and one shorter one--I think about 8" x 3" to attach the D-rings to the nursing cover. Inside the casing is a 15" piece of boning.
I referred a bit to this tutorial but adjusted it to use D-rings instead of a coverall clip plus, the hems and casing were done with different measurements just because I have some 'favorite' measurements to use for that.  
The fabric is Sunny Daze and I bought it at It's a very cheery fabric--I bought it in both the blue and the pink colors.

Perfect for nursing!

And, all packaged up to be handed over to my Sister-in-law as she awaits the birth of their first born!!!

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